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Austin 2018 Bond Simulator

UPDATE! The Bond Simulator will remain open at this time to allow interested residents to continue engaging with the tool and learning about the 2018 Bond Program. Please note that responses received after December 8,2017 will not be included in the report.

The Bond Election Advisory Task Force (BEATF) is eager to learn about your 2018 bond priorities. This activity is designed to gather valuable input about how you would like to see bond dollars in action. To participate, adjust the sliders in each category to make changes to the staff recommended starting point.

The staff recommended starting point is a total of $640 million.

pie chart of infrastructure expenditure


How will the 2018 Bond impact the tax rate?

Tax Rate Impact

Preliminary 2018 Bond Capacity

$325 million

$575 million

$825 million

For example, if you are interested in a 2018 Bond Program that does not increase the tax rate, your total 2018 Bond Simulator submittal should be $325 million or less.

Note: Amounts are based on preliminary estimates and will be updated as the bond process moves forward.

The Austin City Council passed resolution 20160811-031, creating the Bond Election Advisory Task Force (BEATF or Task Force) and directing them to “identify and prioritize bond funding for projects that will address infrastructure needs, including but not limited to needs related to flooding, libraries, housing, mobility, transit, parks, fire stations, and other planned, unfunded capital improvement needs.” The Task Force has been meeting and working on a bond package recommendation since December 2016. As part of their work, the Task Force desires to hear from the public regarding potential bond programs/categories, as well as the public’s overall perception of a bond package at this time.

Staff Recommended Starting Point: $640 million
Category Subcategory Amount Description
Reinvestment in Facilities & Assets Parks & Recreation: Aquatics 15,000,000 Description: Investments will provide for renovation and replacement of obsolete aquatic facilities and equipment throughout the city. 
Parks & Recreation: Facility Improvements 43,000,000 Description: Investments will provide for renovation and replacement of deteriorated sport courts and athletic facilities, as well as physical improvements to existing Parks and Recreation Department facilities. 
Parks & Recreation: Infrastructure 20,000,000 Description: Investments will provide for renovations, replacements, and ADA compliance improvements of trails, playscapes, parking lots, and cemeteries. 
Parks & Recreation: Parkland Improvements 42,000,000 Description: Investments will provide for renovation and development to parkland as it relates to recently completed Master Plans. 
Library 20,000,000 Description: Investments will provide for renovations of existing branch libraries, including the replacement of failing systems, worn furniture, deteriorated finishes, and obsolete equipment. This will also provide funding for the first phase of the remodel of Faulk Central Library to become the archival repository and exhibition display annex for the Austin History Center.
Austin Public Health 10,000,000 Description: Investments will provide for renovations and facility improvements at existing Austin Public Health neighborhood centers and the Animal Shelter. 
Public Safety: EMS/Fire 82,000,000 Description: Investments will provide for driveway repairs at several fire stations around the city, fund renovations and capacity increases at existing EMS stations in order to address growing demand, and undergo critical deferred maintenance at aging fire stations. 
Public Safety: Police 8,000,000 Description: Investments will provide for the building of an aircraft hangar for the Austin Police Department at the Austin airport.
Transportation Infrastructure Bridges, Culverts & Structures 54,000,000 Description: Funding will provide for design and structural repairs to bridges and retaining walls throughout the City. Funding will be used for improvements not addressed through the annual maintenance plan.  
Sidewalk Rehabilitation & Replacement 20,000,000 Description: The Sidewalk Rehabilitation & Replacement Program is to replace existing failed and/or non-ADA compliant sidewalks and curb ramps to maintain conformance with Department of Justice guidance and ADA requirements. 
Street Reconstruction Program 75,000,000 Description: Funding will provide for street reconstruction projects throughout the city. Projects designed with prior bond funding will be considered a priority.  
Neighborhood Partnering Program 1,000,000 Description: The Neighborhood Partnering Program (NPP) allows citizens to partner with the City to propose small to medium scale projects on City-owned property to improve the places in which they live, work and play.
Traffic Signal/Traffic Management System 20,000,000 Description: Funding will be for projects related to traffic signals, traffic signal systems, safety improvements, and mobility improvements. 
Transportation Safety/Vision Zero Traffic Improvement Program 20,000,000 Description: Funding will be for the design and construction of safety infrastructure for all transportation modes. This includes projects such as speed management, major intersection safety, and pedestrian safety improvements.
Stormwater Flood Mitigation 20,000,000 Description: Funding will provide for large-scale flood control improvements or acquisition of property to mitigate flood hazards for houses, commercial buildings, and roadway crossings due to out-of-bank creek overflows during extreme storm events.
Drainage Improvements 55,000,000 Description: Funding will provide for drainage projects that address flow capacity needs for the storm drain system. Projects include design and construction of curb inlets, storm drain pipe-networks, drainage ditch improvements, and small detention pond improvements. 
Parkland & Open Space Parkland Acquisition 30,000,000 Description: This program consists of acquisition and development of land for park and open space including property for destination parks, greenways, infill parks, and preserves.
Water Quality 20,000,000 Description: Bond funding would allow the Watershed Department to acquire fee simple and conservation easements in the Barton Springs Zone to permanently protect watersheds that provide clean, reliable water for drinking and recreation and mitigate flood impacts.
Affordable Housing Rental Housing Development Assistance 18,000,000 Description: The Rental Housing Development Assistance (RHDA) program increases or maintains the supply of affordable rental housing by addressing the rental housing needs identified by the City of Austin's Continuum of Housing Services, including Permanent Supportive Housing.
Acquisition & Development Homeownership Program 39,000,000 Description: The purpose of the Acquisition & Development Homeownership Program is to address the need for affordably-priced ownership housing within the city.  Housing developed through this program are to be owned and occupied by low- to moderate-income households.
Home Repair Program 18,000,000 Description: The City of Austin has several programs to help low-income households repair their homes and become financially stable. Funds will be used to carry out minor home repairs and rehabilitation throughout the community.
Real Estate Acquisition 10,000,000 Description: The program enables Austin Housing Finance Corporation to acquire and hold land for future use with the potential to achieve multiple community benefits, including affordable housing development. 

The Task Force is composed of members appointed by the mayor, the 10 Council districts, the Zoning and Platting Commission, and the Planning Commission.

Member Name Appointment
Sumit DasGupta Mayor Adler
Jeff Smith Mayor Pro Tem Tovo, District 9
Yasmiyn Irizarry Council Member Houston, District 1
Estrella De Leon Council Member Garza, District 2
Santiago Rodriguez Council Member Renteria, District 3
Rachel Stone Council Member Casar, District 4
John McNabb Council Member Kitchen, District 5
Jeremiah Bentley Council Member Flannigan, District 6
Dorsey Twidwell Council Member Pool, District 7
Ken Rigsbee Council Member Troxclair, District 8
Rob Walker Council Member Alter, District 10
Tom Nuckols Planning Commission
Bruce Evans Zoning and Platting Commission

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